Engaging Schools’ core services for middle and high schools are:

Through these research-based services, schools strengthen teacher effectiveness; develop a systematic, positive approach to school discipline that is integrated with student support; and create effective advisory programs.

Engaging Schools offers additional programs for middle and high schools on bullying, peer mediation, conflict resolution, and diversity. And we continue to provide our highly regarded Resolving Conflict Creatively and Adventures in Peacemaking programs for early childhood, elementary, and afterschool providers.

All of our work with schools is conducted by our consultants. These individuals are former teachers and administrators who have deep experience managing organizational change and supporting districts and schools in their efforts to build healthy school culture, improve school climate, and transform educational practice.

“Students will be more likely to persevere when the learning environment has a fair and respectful climate, conveys high expectations, emphasizes effort over ability, and provides necessary tangible resources — materials, human, and time.”

Nicole Shechtman, Angela H. DeBarger, Carolyn Dornsife, Soren Rosier, and Louise Yarnall, Promoting Grit, Tenacity, and Perseverance: Critical Factors for Success in the 21st Century

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