Engaging Schools works primarily with middle and high schools with diverse student bodies that serve high percentages of young people who need targeted support to overcome barriers to learning and address social, emotional, and academic challenges.

Our services and resources are aimed at helping to achieve the following student outcomes:

  • Decreases in missed instructional time, disproportional application of discipline, and recidivism in behavior concerns.
  • Increases in positive student and teacher mindsets and perceptions.
  • Increases in academic engagement.

When we begin working comprehensively with a school or district, we start with an intake interview with district leaders to assess the current data collection systems and review processes, data collection needs, and overall data literacy within the district and across schools. From there, we collect baseline data from the three previous school years on indicators related to the above outcomes, and we create a dashboard that allows for subsequent data entry to track the impact on student outcomes over time. Additionally, there are several formative assessments we support schools to use to track interventions and make course corrections over the course of the year.

Impact summaries from our work with the Syracuse City School District, William J. Dean Technical High School, and High Point Academy provide examples of the positive outcomes Engaging Schools has helped to achieve.

“The Engaging Schools program staff won over every teacher, no matter how resistant. The teachers feel their craft has been greatly improved by working with Engaging Schools.”

Terry Croy-Lewis, Executive Director, High Point Academy, Aurora, CO