Engaging Schools works with urban middle and high schools that serve high percentages of low-income students; students who are struggling academically; and students who need extra support to address social, emotional, and other challenges.

Engaging Schools evaluates its performance in these schools in several ways.

  • After working with us, schools see better outcomes for students, such as improved grades, test scores, and graduation rates and lower course failure and dropout rates.
  • Equally important, through measures such as better attendance rates, fewer disciplinary issues, and students and teachers who report that they are more engaged, schools see that their students are better prepared to learn.
  • We also use an observation protocol during coaching and consultation sessions to gather observational data for fine-tuning classroom strategies.

Case studies of Engaging Schools’ work with the Syracuse City School District, William J. Dean Technical High School, High Point Academy, and Bronx Design and Construction Academy demonstrate how Engaging Schools works with schools and districts — and the results we help students and schools achieve.

“The Engaging Schools program staff won over every teacher, no matter how resistant. The teachers feel their craft has been greatly improved by working with Engaging Schools.”

Terry Croy-Lewis, Executive Director, High Point Academy, Aurora, CO