Better Together - Caring and Including, Instead of Bullying (BETTER)


by Sarah Pirtle, MEd.

Imagine sitting down for a consultation with a national expert in teaching social skills who understands your particular dilemmas, has practical insights that you can adopt, and offers a level of caring that is rare. Better Together provides information about how to talk to children about difficult situations, and engage them in important conversations. Sarah Pirtle is the author of Linking Up and four other books, and she brings four decades of experience in combining language arts and social-emotional learning.

Teachers and parents learn how to have skillful conversations that change exclusion, mistreatment, and bias as well as how to foster "talk-it-out" practices. Anecdotes illustrate the complexity of social signals that can be harmful and show how young people and adults can be responsive to support those who are targeted. This evidence-based approach is built from four decades of work teaching social skills. It studies and includes best practices while asking each member of the community: students, teachers, and staff, to discover their own ways of "making it better."

Better Together covers these five themes:
•    Building a community that responds
•    Teaching talk-it-out methods
•    Guiding children to grow emotionally
•    How to step in and speak up
•    Using songwriting to develop social skills

A unique and effective aspect of this resource is that it comes with a double CD set of 40 songs. Legendary folksinger Pete Seeger says, “If you want to hear some of the best songs out there today for children, listen to Sarah Pirtle.” Sarah has received ten national awards for her music including the prestigious Magic Penny Lifetime Achievement Award. Adults will also learn also how songs can be used to set new norms and create a positive culture. The text includes lyrics and activities to accompany all forty time-tested songs.

"We had dramatic results in the first year of the Better Together program at Leeds Elementary School. The school documented that there was an 80% reduction in unwanted behaviors in the second grade and a 35% reduction in the fifth grade, the two grade levels which received focus."
– Principal Joseph Smith of Leeds Elementary School in Leeds, Massachusetts

200-page book and double CD set of 40 songs. The two-CD package is an eco-wallet with no plastic.

PreK - Grade 6 | 200-page book and two CDs  | Levellers Press | ISBN 9781937146245

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