Conflict Resolution in the High School (CONHIH)


By Carol Miller Lieber with Linda Lantieri and Tom Roderick

The lessons in this guide teach high school students the essential skills they’ll need to manage and resolve interpersonal conflict in creative, positive ways. Along the way students will also explore diversity, power, and prejudice as they continue to develop greater emotional and social skillfulness.

Conflict Resolution in the High School contains:
• 36 core skill lessons
• An exploration of 8 different implementation models
• In-depth information on how to infuse conflict resolution into the standard high school curriculum
• Ideas for assessing student learning
• 9 additional, multi-period activities for taking the skills and concepts further

The curriculum encourages students to connect the concepts and skills taught in the lessons to their own personal experiences. Students learn to analyze conflict, deal with feelings more effectively, defuse anger, and negotiate and mediate personal and group conflicts. Students also learn how to build more positive intergroup relations and explore how they can use their new skills and understandings to make a positive difference in their communities.

Grades 9-12 | 337 pages | ESR | ISBN 9780942349115

Rave reviews for Conflict Resolution in the High School:

“This excellent resource has helped us infuse conflict resolution into our existing curriculum. The guide is easy to follow and provides a wealth of information and techniques for any educator who is interested in creating a vehicle for reducing violence and aggression in our society. I commend the writers of this tremendous resource.”
— Mary Kellem, Assistant Principal, Chadsey High School, Detroit, Michigan

“I would have to say that Conflict Resolution in the High School has been one of the most useful resources I have come across while working with high school and graduate students. The activities have been a tremendous hit. Ms. Lieber’s lessons are great for straight implementation as well as for content adaptation!”
— Mary E.Warneka, Director & Intern Supervisor, Project PEN, Conflict Resolution Education Internship, American University,Washington DC

“Our high school students have engaged in lively interaction as they participated in lessons from this user-friendly curriculum resource.  Their teachers have even gotten together and shared examples with fellow staff members."
— Wendy Constantine, Resolving Conflict Creatively Program Coordinator for the Anchorage School District, Anchorage, Alaska


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