Engaging Schools helps schools foster the habits of learning that are essential to student success. Cultivating these habits has a profound impact on students’ achievement and their ability to thrive both in and out of the classroom.

The habits of learning include:

Habits of Participation

  • I work cooperatively with others and do my fair share of work.
  • I’m friendly, helpful, courteous, and good humored with others. 

Habits of Work

  • I follow directions and ask questions when I don’t understand.
  • I attempt each part of the task, assignment, or test.

Habits of Discipline

  • I sustain my focus, pay attention, and persist in my effort until I get it.
  • I handle mistakes, setbacks, anger, and frustration constructively.

Habits of Communication

  • I share my thoughts and ideas in small and large groups.
  • I use positive, nonaggressive language to express myself, ask for help, and get what I need.

Habits of Mind

  • I set academic goals and reflect on and monitor my progress.
  • I’m curious and ask questions to probe for deeper understanding.