Conflict in Context: Understanding Local to Global Security (CONCON)


By Gayle Mertz and Carol Miller Lieber

In the twenty-first century the process known as globalization is now the norm. The actions and decisions of every individual now affect not only their immediate community and nation, but also the world at large, and in return all of us are affected by global events. Conflict in Context: Understanding Local to Global Security is designed to introduce students to the key concepts and skills they need to be responsible global citizens.

More than 40 lessons are provided, carefully chosen and designed to help students develop a range of important skills, including research, mapping, dialogue, debate, role-playing, creative writing, critical thinking, and informed analysis. Numerous case studies, based on actual international issues, are also provided. And each lesson will
help students meet academic standards as defined by the National Council for the Social Studies.

Conflict in Context enables students to examine conflict and security in their own lives and communities and explore ways that their conception of these factors influences public policy and decision-making at local, national, and global levels. Students will learn that a complex consideration of security must go beyond military issues to include economics, human rights, and more.

Grades 9-12 | 240 pages | ESR | ISBN 0942349164

Rave reviews for Conflict in Context:

“I find the approach exciting. The lessons are innovative and information packed. We clearly need to sell the next generation on the idea that there is no substitute for effective international cooperation on significant transboundary issues.”
— Former United States Senator Tim Wirth, President, United Nations Foundation

“The new multi-disciplinary guide, Conflict in Context, is an extraordinary tool for junior high and high school teachers who want an innovative approach to the topics of conflict, security, international relations, and national governmental policy. From my perspective as a staff member of Amnesty International USA, the most intriguing aspect is the inclusion of so many important human rights issues: child soldiers, land mines, free trade, sanctions, globalization, and debt relief — to mention only a sampling.”
— Ellen Moore, Co-Director, Amnesty International USA Urgent Action Program

“This curriculum provided my classes with engaging hands-on lessons that brought together civics, social justice issues, and current events. Students were challenged to think globally and to personalize world issues. This curriculum was a gift — I learned so much and my students were very involved in real life issues.” 
— Jaye Zola, Social Studies Teacher, New Vista High School, Boulder, Colorado


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