Linking Up! (LINKGU)


By Sarah Pirtle

Imagine a group of second graders creating a song from events happening in their lives. Or a pair of first graders as they switch from play-fighting to making a bridge together with their arms. The new Linking Up! CD and teaching guide provides an exciting way to foster positive social skills in three- to nine-year-old children through music and movement. The Linking Up! guide features hundreds of activities, based on 46 simple songs featured on the accompanying CD, that promote caring, cooperation, and communication. Twenty of the songs are bilingual, with lyrics in both English and Spanish.

The teacher's guide includes sheet music, song lyrics in Spanish and English, and a core activity for each song, as well as numerous extensions, tips, and inspirational stories. Sarah Pirtle's songwriting has won numerous awards, including, most recently, the Oppenheim Gold Seal Best Audio Award and the Parents' Choice Classic Award. This recording is the culmination of over 20 years' experience working with young children to build caring classroom communities

Grades Preschool - 3 | 309 pages + CD | ESR | ISBN 9780942349108

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