Countering Bullying and Harassment: Skill-Based Lessons to Move from Bystander to Ally (BULLY)


Created by Jane Harrison, a veteran trainer with years of experience in the classroom, Countering Bullying and Harassment: Skill-Based Lessons to Move from Bystander to Ally is a “read-it-today, use-it-tomorrow” resource with practical tips and strategies for implementation in a variety of educational settings. Implementing these lessons will lead to a greater recognition and understanding about bullying and harassment in middle and high schools. This curriculum provides an essential, practical set of tools that help young people learn what bullying is, how to recognize when it’s happening, and skills and strategies to move from bystander to effective ally to support people who are the targets of bullying and harassment.

Countering Bullying and Harassment offers six practical, streamlined, and sequenced lessons per grade level for sixth through tenth grades with variety of activity types including games, role-plays, cooperative learning, and selections from stories written by teens experiencing real-life bullying and harassment situations. Each lesson correlates to The Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) Competencies. Appendices offer information on Common Core ELA alignment, cyberbullying, teaching and learning strategies, and peer education as an effective strategy to promote school climate change and prevent harassment.

What people are saying about Countering Bullying and Harassment:

Countering Bullying and Harassment gives middle and high school educators what they need to infuse their curriculum with focused, smart lessons that give students a nuanced understanding of what bullying looks like and what they can do to put a stop to it. The quality and focus of this book make it a winner and a critical addition to all teachers’ toolkits.”
     -- Michele Borba, internationally recognized author, speaker, and educator on parenting, character education, and bullying prevention.

Want to see more? Download free excerpts from Countering Bullying and Harassment:

Introduction, which offers an overview of the challenge of bullying and harassment, an explanation of the curriculum and lesson format, thoughts on school climate, and implementation.

Lesson Grid, an overview of all lessons, grades 6-10.

Sample Lessons This excerpt offers the first lesson for each grade, Establishing a Safe, Respectful, and Supportive Environment, grades 6-10, demonstrating both the consistency of the content and the increasing challenge and sophistication from grade to grade.

Secondary Schools | 198 pages | ESR | ISBN 9780942349252

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