Shifting Gears: Recalibrating Schoolwide Discipline and Student Support


A Restorative and Accountable Approach for Middle and High Schools

By Carol Miller Lieber, Michele Tissiere, and Nicole Frazier

Shifting Gears supports district and school leaders and School Climate-Discipline team members to guide their own professional learning and that of the school’s faculty and staff as they develop and implement a restorative, problem-solving approach to creating systems of discipline and student support.

Section 1 sets the stage by providing foundational information about the discipline problem, features of an effective discipline model, the research behind those features, and the importance of understanding adolescent development and how it can shape more effective disciplinary policies and practices for middle and high school students.

Sample chapter (PDF): Chapter 2 - Essential Features of an Effective Model

Section 2 takes a deep dive into each component of an accountable and restorative schoolwide discipline and student support model. It delves into the “gears” that work together to create an effective system: School Vision; Code of Character, Conduct, and Support; Essential Teams; The Right Data; Schoolwide Initiatives; Classroom Practices; Interventions and Case Management; and Families and Adult Allies as Partners. Chapters on each gear provide recommendations and practical, how-to guidance for recalibrating the schoolwide discipline and student support model or implementing targeted improvements in the model.

“I am grateful for this book and the guidance it will provide school leaders across our country. With a national spotlight now illuminating the need for school discipline reform, school leaders have a new opportunity to make sure every student gets the support she or he needs. This resource is an invaluable tool for leaders who want to place the highest priority on keeping children in school, safe, and learning.”

   -- Marian Wright Edelman, President, Children’s Defense Fund

Secondary Schools | 288 pages | Engaging Schools | ISBN 9780942349320


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