Getting Advisory Right Segment 3: Tools for Supporting Effective Advisories: Postsecondary Support (GARSG3)


Segment 3: Postesecondary Support provides critical information on how advisory is used to create a college-going culture in a school by identifying Roadblocks and Promising Practices for postsecondary readiness, activities to help teachers and students realize that College is Possible for all students, and how the Power of Peers creates a web of support to help students go on to a viable postsecondary experience.

The DVD has reproducible PDFs with a scripted professional development guide and accompanying PowerPoint slides, videos of real advisories in action that align with the chapter, a reproducible PDF with an annotated guide of facilitation tips and strategies for advisory, sample advisory session plans, activites, handouts, and more.

  • Chapter 1 - Roadblocks and Promising Practices could provide the start of a very important conversation about what it would take as a school to provide all students with attentive, regular, and timely guidance to support their postsecondary planning process. In this initial conversation, staff will have an opportunity to explore the roadblocks to college access and the practices that potentially can reduce understanding of the challenge for guidance and counseling to do this on their own.

  • Chapter 2 - College is Possible enables staff members to continue the conversation about how to ensure that all students have college as an option after graduating from high school. In small research teams, staff will explore critical research-based factors that help students enroll in and complete college. Staff will also think together about the actions the school might take to support the interest and needs of all students to send a clear and coherent message that college is possible.

  • Chapter 3 - The Power of Peers explores how peer culture was found to be the second most important factor influence in college completion. The primary focus of this session is to learn how and advisor/teacher/counselor can support a "mediated conversation" to help students think together about a wide range of postsecondary topics. A mediated conversation provides a forum for the students to explore their thoughts and questions, to learn from each other, and to take actionable steps in exploring college as an option in their postsecondary planning. 

Secondary Schools / 1 DVD / ESR / ISBN 9780942349337    

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A video excerpt from this segment can be seen here.

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