In addition to our core services (Engaged Classrooms, Schoolwide Discipline and Student Support, and Advisory Plus), Engaging Schools offers services related to bullying, peer mediation, and conflict resolution.

  • Bullying. We help schools create peer education programs through which students train peers to respond effectively to bullying and harassment and become allies to students who are targeted. We also teach staff members strategies for preventing these problems and for intervening when they see or hear inappropriate behavior and comments.
  • Peer mediation. Engaging Schools’ peer mediation program is a proven youth leadership model. In peer mediation, trained students help their peers resolve differences when a conflict is brewing or has already occurred, thereby reducing violence and increasing peace in their schools. Engaging Schools also helps educators support students as they use conflict resolution practices.
  • Conflict resolution and diversity. Our Resolving Conflict Creatively Program (RCCP) is the nation’s largest and longest-running school program with a special focus on conflict resolution and intergroup relations. RCCP helps middle school children develop skills they need to reduce prejudice, diminish their use of violence, form caring relationships, and build healthy lives.