Improved Test Scores

Bronx Design and Construction Academy (BDCA) is a new high school that opened in 2011 in the poorest congressional district in the nation. The first class of students graduated in 2015; early signs indicate that the school has the momentum, focus, and tools for success.

Engaging Schools has been BDCA’s thought partner since the school’s early planning days. We have coached, collaborated, and consulted with BDCA’s leadership, faculty, and staff members, supporting them as they implement all three Engaging Schools services (Engaged Classrooms, Schoolwide Discipline and Student Support, and Advisory Plus).

We have worked with individual teachers and teacher teams on classroom management, discipline, and instructional practices. We also supported implementation of Advisory Plus. Throughout, Engaging Schools has worked extensively with BDCA members of the school leadership team to develop their planning and coaching capacity. Over time, BDCA has used a variety of Engaging Schools resources, including The Advisory Guide, Getting Advisory Right, Making Learning Real, and Getting Classroom Management Right.

Outperforming Peers Citywide

The planning and skills development have paid off. In 2013, BDCA students far outperformed their citywide peers on New York’s Regents exams. For example, 36 percent of BDCA students passed the Algebra Regents exam, compared with 14 percent of students throughout New York City. In the English Regents, 74 percent of BDCA students passed, compared with 30 percent of students citywide.

Regents Exams: BDCA Students Outperform Students Citywide

Source: Bronx Design and Construction Academy

For more on Engaging Schools’ work with BDCA, please see “Restoring Justice,” a Teaching Tolerance online feature that documents our collaboration with BDCA to cultivate restorative discipline so that more students stayed in school as engaged, productive, caring learners and community members.