Engaged Classrooms 2015 Open Enrollment Summer Institute

Through this highly interactive Engaged Classrooms Institute, middle and high school educators will take a deep dive to explore engagement conditions and research based strategies resulting in classrooms that support healthy relationships, inspire students to invest in their learning, and support students to tackle the heightened demands of complex academic content and social experiences.

Participants will create a shared vision for systematically integrating high-impact practices that result in effective classroom management, discipline, and instruction to support students to be self-managed, socially and self-aware, and responsible decision makers.

Engaging Schools institutes provide “learn-it-today, use-it-tomorrow” tools and strategies that have immediate relevance and application to the classroom.

In this institute, participants will explore the following research based practices:

  • Academic Press: Expecting, Insisting, and Supporting Every Student to Achieve
  • Relationships and Good Will: Providing Personalized Support
  • Making Meaning: Activators and Other Learning Protocols
  • Creating a Cohesive Community: Group Procedures, Rituals and Routines
  • Getting Ready to Learn: Attention, Silence and Directions
  • Conferring with Students: Conferencing
  • Checking for Understanding: Tools and Processes for Formative Assessment
  • Supporting Self-Discipline and Self-Regulation: Habits of Learning
  • Managing Disciplinary Incidents: Self-correction, De-escalation and Problem Solving
  • Differentiating Instruction: Choice, Voice and Relevance 

Participants will leave their Engaged Classrooms Institute experience with:

  1. A personal statement and vision for the ways you will integrate the 10 core practices in your classroom
  2. A list of resources and materials that support a high-performing classroom
  3. A classroom floor and wall plan that creates safe, orderly and engaged learning environments

Participants will also receive copies of Making Learning REAL: Reaching and Engaging All Students in Secondary Classrooms and Getting Classroom Management RIGHT: Guided Discipline and Student Support in Secondary Schools.

Who Should Attend? 

District leaders (e.g. director of instruction, district level coaches, director of new teacher induction, etc.) school leaders, classroom teachers working in middle and high schools (new teachers will find this institute particularly beneficial), instructional coaches, department heads, special education coordinators, and other educators.

Dates, Locations, and Cost:

The Summer Institute will take place from July 6-9, 2015 in the Boston region (location to be announced soon)

The cost for the 4-day institute is $700.00 per person and includes breakfast and lunch each day, plus books, and handouts.  Overnight accommodations (if needed) are not included in the institute price.

Space is limited to 40 participants per institute.

For more information contact Denise Wolk at dwolk@engagingschools.org or 800-370-2515 x 20