9780942349252 Front CoverIn conjunction with October’s status as National Bullying Prevention Month, we’re sharing a look inside our related publication, Countering Bullying and Harassment: Skill-Based Lessons to Move from Bystander to Ally.

Engaging Schools published this curriculum, focused on grades 6-10, in 2013. Author Jane Harrison, who is also an Engaging Schools professional services consultant, brought her expertise to lessons that we developed and field tested for several years. In acknowledgment of the reality in many schools–far too much to teach, far too little time to teach it–Countering Bullying and Harassment streamlines critical material into six lessons per grade that provide developmentally appropriate approaches to key topics including establishing positive classroom environments, identifying and understanding the dynamics of bullying and harassment, cyber-bullying, and what it means to be a friend and ally. You can view and download the lesson grid, which  demonstrates the range of lessons within and across grades 6-10.

With games, role-plays, cooperative learning, and selections from stories written by teens experiencing real-life bullying and harassment situations, the lessons are engaging, and each lesson correlates to The Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) Competencies. The book’s appendices offer information on Common Core ELA alignment, cyberbullying, teaching and learning strategies, and peer education as an effective strategy to promote school climate change and prevent harassment.

Because we believe that Countering Bullying and Harassment is powerful and practical, we want to get it into as many of your hands as possible. We understand that many teachers invest in their own resources, so we recently lowered the price of the book significantly, reducing it 35% to $31.00. And through the end of October, we’re offering a 15% discount on all products in our online store (use offer code LAUNCH14 during checkout – click here to order Countering Bullying and Harassment in our online store).

We’ll be featuring more from Countering Bullying and Harassment next week, including thoughts on a schoolwide approach to implementing this curriculum for maximum effectiveness, a guide to analyzing whether your students and colleagues are well prepared for taking on the issue of countering bullying and harassment, and walks through the introduction and lessons. To get ready for that, and to offer you a look into the book, please download the introduction and sample lessons excerpt, which offers the first lesson for each grade.

Please click here for more information about Engaging Schools’ Countering Bullying and Harassment: Skill-Based Lessons to Move from Bystander to Ally.


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