Nationally, districts and schools are feeling urgency to address exclusionary and punitive sanctions; conditions that create disparate impact on different student groups; and ineffective and inequitable discipline policies.

An effective Code of Character, Conduct, and Support can address these needs. A good Code states every student’s right to an education in a safe, civil, and caring community. The Code serves as a guide to good citizenship and provides the tools for helping students to understand, appreciate, and honor the articulated norms of behavior within the district and school culture.

Engaging Schools partners with districts to recalibrate their existing Codes. As we do this, we move through three phases.

Phase I: Code of Conduct Assessment: A team from Engaging Schools implements a close examination of the historical and current disciplinary policies, procedures, practices, and perceptions of school climate; the dominant norms, beliefs, and assumptions that inform the district/school culture; and systemic factors that influence a student’s educational opportunities; and staff attitudes and beliefs.

Outcome: A report to help the district target the areas of their Code in need of recalibration

Phase II: Recalibration of the Code of Conduct: Engaging Schools partners with a district and multiple constituent groups to define the overarching goals for the Code; identify explicit rights and responsibilities for students, parents, staff, and district leaders; identify tiers of behavior concerns, violations, school sanctions/assigned consequences, and interventions that enable students to get back on track for school success; and align key classroom management and discipline practices to policies in the Code.

Outcome: Production and publication of a revised Code of Character, Conduct, and Support

Phase III: Launching the Code of Conduct
Engaging Schools partners with district leaders to design a comprehensive and coherent plan to launch the Code in the district to ensure understanding, commitment, and implementation with fidelity and integrity.

Outcomes: A professional learning plan, agendas, and materials to ensure that all district and school staff are prepared to implement structures, policies, and practices that align with the recalibrated Code of Character, Conduct, and Support

“We worked with Engaging Schools to recalibrate our code of conduct. It has served as a north star for our district and unified our schools to ensure that students are supported academically, behaviorally, and emotionally.”

– A district leader

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