Reopening schools in on every educator’s mind. How do we reopen the best way we can, given these realities:

  • For all students, the extended absence of consistent, daily learning tasks, and a dearth of socialization opportunities, will make the transition back to the physical classroom and in-person learning academically, socially, and emotionally challenging.
  • For many students, the “summer slide” will feel more like a free-fall after a six-month hiatus from the mindsets, habits, and self-management skills that build readiness to learn.
  • For those students who are most at-risk, conditions of food, housing, and income insecurity, family instability, and physical and mental health vulnerabilities have likely intensified since schools have closed. Other students are experiencing the trauma of lost security for the first time.
  • For many schools, new ways of navigating and interacting in the physical space will be required in order to promote safety for everyone in the school community.

Knowing that 2020-2021 will be a school year like no other, our charge is to recalibrate a safety net of welcome and well-being that wraps around each and every one of the children in our care. In this unprecedented time, we must also find ways to strengthen students’ learning-to-learn muscles and support their social and emotional development.

Engaging Schools is offering Reconnect-Relaunch-Recalibrate to support districts and individual schools to prepare staff for the first month of school. This initiative can empower and inspire school staff to implement reconnect and relaunch practices as part of recalibrating a “new normal” in a time of uncertainty and crisis. It includes two online summer institutes with optional ongoing support for the rest of the school year.

Relaunching a Culture of Safety, Order, and Respect – Three-day Online Summer Institute – Audience: K-12 administrative teams, climate and culture teams, turnaround teams

Getting Ready to Re-Engage in Learning – Four-day Online Summer Institute – Audience: middle and high school teachers, instructional coaches and leaders, department heads, and administrative teams

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